Rokos Candleholder

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Rokos 231 MIN Timepiece Candleholder

Height 32.5 cm
Width 18.2 cm
Base diameter 12.9 cm
Weight 0.35 kg
Colour: Amber

Wooden gift box, twisted brush for cleaning, 
7 x 6" long church candles, 4 x lighting tapers

This beautifully designed timepiece allows the operator to determine when the flame will be extinguished by adjusting the amount of water poured into the holder. As the candle gets shorter its bottom end rises upwards to a point where a constraint is no longer effective, and the candle falls over onto its side, extinguishing itself in the water.

Named after its maximum approximate burn time of 231 minutes (three hours and fifty one minutes), the ≲ 231 MIN is formed from the highest-quality Italian borosilicate glass. It is individually mouth-blown and formed by hand on a lathe by a highly skilled craftsman using the same processes that create chemistry apparatus.

Its nature lends itself well to dinner parties. Should a guest remain at an event longer than is desirable, a self-extinguishing candle may provide a tactful clue that the event is over.